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Frequently Asked Questions About The United Nations
This page is still under construction.
  1. Isn't the purpose of the United Nations World Peace?
    Issues to cover: Dual Purpose? "World Peace" as a pretext for undermining the United States. Sanctioning of dictatorships. Punishment of peaceful "democratic" countries by the United Nations. Real goal? World Court? New World Order?

  2. Doesn't the United States fail to provide support for the United Nations?
    Issues to cover: Quote figures from Helms. U.S. pays billions every year. Explain how U.S. government expropriates income of U.S. taxpayers to give to foreign countries who then "spit" on the U.S.

  3. Doesn't the United Nations support human rights?
    Issues to cover: Explain why "human rights" is used as an anti-concept to undermine the concept of individual rights. Explain how U.N. opposes individual rights.

  4. How can world peace be achieved?
    Issues to cover: Peace is the absence of initiation of force by both private citizens and governments. Leftists approve of the initiation of force by the state, while opposing the defensive use of force in retaliation.

  5. Doesn't the U.S. owe the UN money? "Last year (1999) alone the American people have furnished precisely TEN BILLION, ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY NINE MILLION DOLLARS to support the work of the United Nations. No other nation on earth comes even close to matching that singular investment." Who owes who?


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