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Dear [government representative],

I hold that the United Nation's mission is not peace among sovereign nations, but the establishment of a global collectivist dictatorship.

A sovereign nation is one that protects the rights of its citizens. Yet, the United Nation's history has been one of appeasing and sanctioning dictatorships, while morally condemning the actions of free nations, such as the United States. 

Furthermore, the members in the United Nations is constantly acting to interfere with U.S. sovereignty, by attempting to build the Unired Nations world court that has jurisdiction over the United States (in defiance of the U.S. constitution) and is building an army whose job is to enforce the actions of that court (else why establish a court in the first place if there is no global police to carry out its sentences?)

As an elected official and representative of the United States I hold that to support such an abomination is treason. Therefore, I ask that you take the greatest efforts to ensure that the United States withdraws from the U.N.

[Your name here]


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