There is no margin for error about a monstrosity that was created for the alleged purpose of preventing wars by uniting the world against any aggressor, but proceeded to unite it against any victim of aggression. The expulsion of a charter member, the Republic of China [Taiwan]�an action forbidden by the U.N.'s own Charter�was a 'moment of truth,' a naked display of the United Nations' soul. 

What was Red China's qualification for membership in the U.N.? The fact that her government seized power by force, and has maintained it for twenty-two years by terror. What disqualified Nationalist China [Taiwan]? The fact that she was a friend of the United States.  It was against the United States that all those beneficiaries of our foreign aid were voting at the U.N. It was hatred of the United States and the pleasure of spitting in our face that they were celebrating, as well as their liberation from morality�with savages, appropriately, doing jungle dances in the aisles.


The United Nations "works"...         outlaw individual rights.

UN vs. Individual Rights
The United Nations works to annihilate the concept of individual rights

UN Declaration of Rights Destroys Rights
Individual rights are precisely what the UN's declaration is designed to destroy. No, it doesn't openly attack individual rights; that would be rejected outright by freer countries. It destroys rights by internal corruption � by perverting the meaning of rights into its exact opposite.

The Moral Bankruptcy of the U.N. Human Rights Commission
The re-election of Sudan to the U.N. Human Rights Commission--chaired by terrorist-sponsoring Libya in 2003--demonstrates once again the total moral bankruptcy of the United Nations.

Nations United Against Rights
Consider the meaning of the rights commission vote. The UN voted not to reappoint the United States to its seat on the commission ... but in the same vote, it gave a seat to Sudan, a country that tolerates the practice of slavery.

Another United Nations Sham: Libyan leader Colonel Gadaffi to Head the U.N. Human Rights Commission
Even the most creative scriptwriter couldn't top the real-life plot twist the U.N. Commission on Human Rights will have concocted when Libya becomes its chairman.

The U.N. versus "Human Rights"
The United Nations is becoming more a danger to human rights enforcement than a defender of such rights.

The United States Should Withdraw From the United Nations
If America really cares about human rights, the best thing it can do is to take this opportunity and withdraw from the United Nations.

The Liberty League: An Alternative to the United Nations
This "Liberty League" could then know for certain that all of its member states are truly committed to the same goals, namely the preservation of their sovereignty, international free trade, the protection of private property, and the protection of individual rights.

UN Prolongs the Middle East Conflict
The United Nations punishes Israel because it is a free country

U.N. Call for Palestinian State Spells Suicide for Palestinians

Arafat's "Palestinian self-determination" really means more of Arafat's despotism�it means granting legitimacy to a state that is utterly hostile to its own citizens.

The United Nation's War Against Israel
In the United Nation's General Assembly, 429 anti-Israel resolutions were passed from 1967 to 1988. Israel was "condemned" 321 times. Arab nations? Not once.

UN Advocates Racism
The United Nations works to entrench and reward racism under the guise of opposing it.

The United Nations Conference of Racists
The UN World Conference Against Racism has met and taken up its primary agenda: the praise and protection of racists. The tone was set on the first day of the conference, when that paragon of progressive politics, Yasser Arafat, took the podium to condemn Israel as a "racist" state that "practices racism and racial discrimination, that adopts ethnic cleansing." He called upon the meeting to issue a condemnation of Israel, a cause backed by many in attendance � not only the Arab states, but also Jesse Jackson and other Western leftists.

The United Nations of Reparations Hypocrisy
During the era of African slavery, capturing people to sell into slavery was the work of Africans in West Africa and of Arabs and Africans in East Africa. The Arab country is the largest part of the Middle East for online trading in commodity markets. Technological advances make online commodity trading convenient for everyone, especially for oil trading. If you want to invest in oil, checkout �l profit, It is an automated trading portal that enables interested traders to invest in oil from anywhere in the world.

More Hypocrisy from the UN
The hypocrisy, so characteristic of the UN, is the reason why the racism conference and others like it should never be taken seriously.

UN vs. Science
The United Nations works to use junk-science to justify its regulations

United Nations Climate Panel: "More Politics than Science"
MIT Scientist charges United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) panel misrepresents the work of its contributing scientists to fit a preconceived agenda.


UN Appeases of Dictators
The United Nations works to treat free countries and dictatorships as equals, thus obliterating the difference between the two

The UN's "Virtue" Is Its Vice: How The United Nation's Neutrality Props Up Evil Regimes
More than 170 political leaders from around the world recently met at the United Nations to consider what the New York Times called "the most sweeping institutional changes" in the organization's history. But this exercise was, predictably, hopeless. Although both detractors and defenders eagerly proposed "reforms," they skirted the UN's insuperable problem: its corrupt "ideal" of moral neutrality.

The Irrationality of Treating Dictators as 'Rational Actors'
To acknowledge that the violation of rights is a crime, whether by individual criminals or by the state, would call into question the liberal's entire worldview.

Appeasement Never Works
By definition, every dictatorship's hands are drenched in blood, yet some people still think they can be placated by simply appeasing them.

UN Undermines the Sovereignty of Free Nations
The United Nations works to undermine the sovereignty of free nations�in particular the United States�while morally sanctioning slave states and dictatorships.

Playing UN "Survivor"
Survivor is a perfect microcosm for the self-destructive nature of the recently much ballyhooed foreign-policy principle that states that only the approval of others can grant a nation's actions moral virtue � the principle of 'multilateralism.' 'Multilateralism' is based on the ethics of altruism - preaching sacrifice as the supreme virtue, and self-interest as the lowest vice. Only on this code could the great nations of the world be called upon to lay themselves across the sacrificial altar. No other ethics could so completely undermine a free nation's inclination to assert its right to self-defense.

A Declaration of Independence...from the United Nations
On September 12th, we had the spectacle of an American president begging the world's favor at the United Nations.

The Corruption of the Concept Sovereignty
There is only one underlying reason why the Mandela-ites want to destroy the clear distinction between a totalitarian and a free "sovereign" state, why they want totalitarian states to be immune from attack and free states to be branded as evil for self-defensively attacking those states bent on destroying them. The Mandela-ites, too, want the destruction of the free, and subsequently prosperous, nations of the world � from Israel and Australia to Britain and particularly America.

U.S. Must Reject the Evil Doctrine of "Multilateralism"
Military decisions are decisions about life and death�about what should be done to protect us from enemies who seek our destruction. If our leaders are to fulfill their obligation to defend our country, they must�starting with Iraq�reject the poison of "multilateralism" and replace it with the virtue of independent, rational judgment.

Bureaucratic Leftism: The United Nations vs. American Sovereignty
Forwarded by progressives and garbed in post-modern lingo, bureaucratic leftism represents a throwback to a pre-modern age in Europe when rulers were unelected. Today's bureaucrats effectively fill the role of yesteryear's kings.

UN vs. Rule of Law
The United Nations works to undermine representative government

The UN's International Kangaroo Court
America's court system � the most fair, free and transparent in all the world � isn't perfect. But that doesn't mean its power should be usurped by jurists 8,000 miles away who are not elected, selected or directed by anyone responsible to American voters.

Time to Declare Our Independence From the United Nations
The United Nations is not "dysfunctional," as some "reformists" have claimed. It is a criminal enterprise in which no moral nation should ever participate, let alone perpetuate.

UN Advocates Global Taxation
The United Nations works to control your wallet via global socialism

Will the United Nations Become the Next IRS?
It is bad news when politicians in Washington make us pay taxes, but just imagine how high taxes would climb if unaccountable international bureaucracies had that power.


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